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The Power of Your Intentions with Aroma - Wed, Feb 25th

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The Power of Your Intentions and Aroma Gathering

Join Dr. Laura Patterson and Jodi Baglien for an evening of playful guidance to manifest your hopes and desires.
Let's work together and help you to create the new possibilities you long for - by tapping the power of energetic tools and setting that intention into high vibration essential oils to move your forward with Ease and Grace!

Jodi will:
• Guide you in powerful exercise to deepen your connection to the plant kingdom and the energies, information, gifts, they carry.
• Teach you an "Aromatic Intention Setting" practice - to use aroma to change your thoughts
• Discover and choose your favorite essential oils from a premium selection of Neroli, Sandalwood, Blue Lotus, Frankincense, Jasmine, Rose and Mandarin - and create your own take home blend!

Dr Laura will:
- Guide you in creating a space for manifestation of your deepest desires
- Empower you to continually create from a space of calm, accomplishment, fulfillment and freedom
- Learn energetic tools to use daily

Special Class Deal- one time discount on our new beautiful aroma jewelry to wear your intention!(optional)